Monday, September 12, 2011


We had a weekend full of festivals, sunshine and good family time. The Fulton Fall Festival alongside our neighborhood farmer's market, Woofstock (just as it sounds, a celebration for four legged furry ones) in Linden Hills, an all day renaissance festival block party (which we vicariously enjoyed through the live music and sounds of revelry humming from the alley behind our house), a potluck with Will's new colleagues and their families; it seems our lives are busier here after only a month than they were when we left Michigan, though I suspect a vast slowing down is approaching. 

With temperatures still in the 80s it's hard for me to believe that we could be celebrating fall already. And yet by tomorrow it seems the winds will have changed. Ava and I heard the first crunch of leaves under our feet as we walked to the park today. I feel ready and welcome this changing of seasons. And I'm so glad we managed to fit in that final afternoon at the beach. 


  1. so sweet....somehow i never knew you had a blog!! love you and miss you guys!!

  2. Thanks, Leah! Yeah, I've been sheepish about spreading the word. But I'm glad you found it! Love you guys!