Thursday, January 12, 2012


There is so much to be done in preparation for someone so surprisingly little. Those early day needs are simple: hold me, feed me, let me rest, keep me dry, just love me. And, yet, I know how such a little being and his little needs can fill a room, a house, fill a family so that is brimming with - everything. I await this first introduction with the humbled experience of a mama. It is a heady, expectant feeling, but one seasoned with awareness of the hugeness that lies ahead. And there is some trepidation, for having  finally reached a point in my parenting that feels so easy, where Ava and I have eased into a rhythm that calms and enriches us both, in transitioning to family of four we must all start over in a sense. How long until we all find and settle into our new, ever-changing but comfortable sense of daily rhythm and ease? 

On the brink of uncertainty, I prepare for this little one by doing what I know how to do, and what I know will be helpful in those early glassy eyed days...
the diapers, the burpcloths, the blankets, the booties, all washed and ready to envelope soft sweet-smelling skin.
the space, calming and serene, that speaks welcome, you are safe here.
the freezer stocked tight from weeks of double-batch stews, muffins and breads.
the oh-so-tiny sweater knit by my mama when she was preparing for her own arrival, worn first by me, then by Ava, now waiting for you, little one.
and maybe one more pair of warm woolies (if you'll give me just a bit more time to finish them), because it turns out Minnesotan winters really can be cold.

There is still more on my list to do than will ever get done. And all these details will undoubtedly fall by the wayside when this so little, so big one enters our lives. So now we cherish these last, sweet moments, days, weeks together as a family of three - and we wait...

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