Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manly Pants

As the younger brother of an older sister, Eli has from time to time been subject to feminine hand-me-downs. Will says, "it takes a real man to wear a pink diaper." After some criticism that my previous Big Butt Baby pants fabric choice was a bit "girly" (you know who you are), I set out to make a pair that are a bit more 'masculine'. Though, really, I see no reason why tools can't be feminine. Girls like to play with tools too. Plungers? Sure, leave those for the boys. But I admit to having had a love affair with a cordless drill in the past - particularly in my solo apartment living days. It occurred to me that I might be infatuated when I realized I was looking for excuses to drill more holes into my wall - as in, "This looks like a great place to hang something. I'll just throw in a couple more wall hooks...." So, perhaps these pants are not so masculine after all.

For this pair I used a fabric from Caleb Gray's Suburbia collection paired with Woodgrain from Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 collection. The Suburbia collection has been discontinued, but I found several options for purchasing it online and was able to find it in one of my local fabric stores.

I referenced Rae's errata for the pattern, which was not only helpful but encouraging when I realized it wasn't just me who was having issues with puckering at the bottom of the butt panel. If you ever make your own pair of big butt baby pants, be sure to check out her revisions before you begin sewing.

I wasn't kidding when I said these pants are addictive. The facts that they come together so quickly and that there are endless options for cuteness make them pretty irresistible. And no, I haven't had my fill yet - you can expect to see more big butt baby pants here again soon.

Apparently the boy thinks they're pretty cute too. 

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