Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KCWC Finale - Mittens

After my little battle with Eli's knit shirt, I thought it might be wise to restore my sewing ego and close out KCWC with something quick and easy. These Oliver + S mittens from Little Things to Sew were just the project I was ready to take on.

They are made of thick fleece that I think will work well to keep those little fingers warm in the cold months ahead. Ava has her heavy duty, zipper up to the elbow, gortex mega-gloves all ready to go for the Minnesota winter (hey, we'll actually have winter - and snow - this year, right?), but I wanted these to keep her paws toasty in those in-between days when fall is still transitioning to the crisp frostiness of deep winter.

If you couldn't already tell by her head-to-toe suit of monochrome, Ava is a big fan of the color purple. She has informed me that this year her winter coat will be "dark purple" - note to self: find a purple coat stat. So when she saw these mittens she immediately insisted that her hands were cold (despite the fact that it's hovering around 60 degrees outside right now) and that she needed to wear them right away.

While this was, just as I was hoping, a quick and easy project, it was not without it's hitches. In my KCWC induced sewing furor I insisted on sewing the elastic casings on when I was a tad delirious (our boy has decided that he enjoys nursing every other hour throughout the night) and misinterpreted what was up and what was down. So the elastic is a bit lower than it should be. After mentally agonizing over this for a night I figured I'd just finish this pair - and if they fall off too easily perhaps I will make another after our household has recuperated from KCWC (it seems when mama spends all her free time sewing, things like folding laundry and recycling newspapers fall by the wayside - and accumulate fast).

It's been a fun, busy week (and a half - yes, I know it's already Wednesday). I have enjoyed and been so inspired by the ever growing KCWC flickr pool. And I am left brimming with future project ideas dancing in my head. Now, a little breather and some tidying around the abode...

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