Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little Hoodie

After being inspired by these hoodies made by my friend Ashley, I decided to whip up my own version of Heidi & Finn's Urban Unisex Hoodie for our little man. I actually began this project towards the end of Celebrate the Boy but, as noted in my previous post, sewing has taken something of a backseat to another big project and I only recently finished (and got around to posting) Eli's hoodie. 

The pattern is well written and easy to execute. I am happy to report that very unlike my last foray into sewing with knits, all went smoothly this time around. I used my walking foot for the entire project to avoid feeding the hoodie to my sewing machine, which otherwise tends to gobble up knits. I would advise anyone attempting this project with a regular machine (as opposed to a serger) to use their walking foot as the sewing gets quite bulky at times around the base of the hood and when top stitching the bottom cuff. My one little boo boo was forgetting to fuse the interfacing to the button flaps. I only realized this, of course, just as I was about to sew the button holes. They are a bit stretched out as a result, but still work fine.

I used knit fabric from Joanne's for both the main fabric and the lining with the exception of the hood lining, for which I used a colorful fruit and vegetable quilting cotton print to add a little pop of color. I have to say my only disappointment with this hoodie is that I'm not totally in love with the fabrics. I've had a hard time finding really great knit fabrics locally. I know I can find beautiful knits online, but I'm always nervous to buy a fabric before seeing and feeling it in person. I may have finally found a better option for knits, but that's a story for another post.

Though it may not be the smartest use of my time as we close in on moving day (3 1/2 weeks away), I imagine I will keep the sewing machine running as much - or as little - as I can until I absolutely must pack it up for the movers to take away. For it does keep me feeling a little bit more sane and helps me feel like I've accomplished something in my world of full-time mama hood, which sometimes leaves me spinning, wondering where the day went and how the house looks like a cyclone has passed through even though I swear I tidied up just 5 minutes ago. Mamas out there, you know the feeling.

In the meantime another hoodie for my girl is in the works, for spring may finally be starting to show her lovely face here in the northern midwest. Soon (fingers crossed) it will be time to trade winter coats for layers of warm comfiness that can be shed as the chilly mornings grow warm in noon-time sun.


  1. It looks gorgeous!! And so professional too x

  2. I came over from The Train to Crazy and I wanted to say how lovely this little hoodie is! Last year my sister picked up the same fabric that you used for the lining and I've been kicking myself that I didn't get a yard or two, myself. I love seeing it put to such great use here. Good tips on sewing with the walking foot. I usually just use a ball needle, stretch stitch, and hope for the best, but I will definitely pull out the big guns if I make something as bulky as a hood.

    1. Thanks, Ann! I only recently bought the print fabric - perhaps you can still find it! After my first disaster with knits I don't take chances any more. The walking foot is just so easy, I break it out whenever it seems remotely useful.