Monday, September 23, 2013

While Ava's away...

Ava starting preschool this month means Eli is finally getting a small glimpse of what it's like to be an only child - undivided parental attention, free reign of toys to play with (without the jarring interruption of a sister screaming "NOOO!" at him intermittently), and time to do whatever he pleases, however he pleases. Sometimes I marvel at how smoothly the morning goes when there is just one. Though I admit there are times I miss Ava's tendency to be a watch dog - like when things got a little too quiet in the living room and I peeked around from the kitchen to see Eli halfway out the open front door.

On this morning we both took advantage of the warmth we know is fleeting this time of year and headed up to the garden. When Eli is in charge of the watering, his waters his way.

You and I may not have realized it, but Eli knows the chicken is thirsty.

The rocks are too, of course.

The sunflowers that are as big as his head and the bunny tails that never quite sprouted their tails, well of course those are as well.

Maybe a little sip for the kale.

His clothes are always very thirsty.

Oh, and while we're out here on our walk, have we showed you our new garden bed? Will moved her from the other (shady) side of the yard. She is much happier in the sun. She needs more soil and compost, then we will plant her with garlic, garlic and more garlic in a couple weeks. I am enjoying the promise of an expanded garden next year and look forward to implementing the many ideas that one season almost under our belt has given us.

This boy of ours - yes, he really is transforming into a boy as the baby in him gradually fades - he enjoys his time alone with mama and all of the important work he does while Ava is in preschool. Tomorrow he starts down his own path to preschool with the beginning of Little Sprouts. It resonates as a significant shift to me - I remember Ava starting Little Sprouts back when we had just moved here from Michigan. I am happy he will finally do something that is all his own. That he will have the opportunity to make his own friends rather than always hanging out with Ava's buddies.  Our little man is growing up. 

As much as Eli is loving his alone time, at the end of the morning his smile never fails to burst forth when I ask him if he's ready to pick up his sister from school. sigh. These are precious times my friends.


  1. Love and enjoy your blog posts! Xo
    Carey and Leo

    1. PS the last one had me LOL-ing about the grout cleaning criticism and furniture assembly....

    2. Thanks Carey and Leo!! We miss you guys! So glad you enjoy these little bits of our lives. xoxo

  2. That garden is/ is going to be amazing!!!

  3. Your garden is magical!! Love seeing the photos:) xoxo

    1. Hi Cat! Thanks! Missing you guys. Hope you're enjoying your new home! xo

  4. your garden is so fortunate to have such a diligent little caretaker! who else would lovingly attend to the terra cotta chicken and the drought resistant sunflowers? definitely something magical about seeing a little boy hard at work. reese saw these photos and said, is that me? he loves to water the garden, too. that kale looks fantastic!!! xoxo