Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anticipating Spring

There comes a time in late winter when I simply decide it is time for spring. (Ah, if only my desire held any sway on the actual weather.) Once I pass this point of no return it becomes almost impossible for me to don my winter gear before leaving the house, regardless of the mercury reading - because it should be spring, you know. This makes for some uncomfortable days when I leave the house inadequately dressed for the elements - but, really, low 30s with a wintry mix is uncomfortable no matter how prepared you are. I suppose it is like my stubborn prayer to speed this turn of the seasons - to bring on the unfurling of leaves, the yellow splash of forsythia, the warmer winds that lure neighbors out to greet each other once again after the long hibernation.

I am encouraged, egged on really, by those days when the sound of water trickling down gutters and puddles on the ground suggest we may be done with this perpetual white. And yet there is no denying the blanket of snow that gently and repeatedly covers the newly thawed ground; like a mother covering up her restless toddler who threw the blankets off themselves in the middle of the night again. I suppose I could just try to stay focused on the present and find beauty in the ebb and flow of this transition. But instead, I choose to knit and dream of spring.

In my effort to stay warm while rejecting winter wear, I wanted to make a hat that would provide enough insulation during these final stubborn days of winter, but breathe enough to carry me through into spring. I found a lacy pattern called Foliage on Knitty, which, of course, by name alone was irresistible to me in my state of spring fever.  It seemed lacy enough for my purposes and seemed a perfect use for that orange bulky yarn I found in Colorado. Ravelry notes can be found here.  

Upon finishing my new spring hat and seeing how much yarn I had left over it seemed natural to make some mitts, fingerless of course, to go along - warm, but not too warm - fingers peeking out like groundhogs surveying spring's progress. I look forward to the chilly day I get to wear them while preparing my garden for planting. 

I wish you all creative ways to channel and harvest your spring fever!


  1. As a very prejudiced Mother, I must say you amaze me! You write so beautifully! Your wording and your thoughts are exquisite!

  2. such a beautiful color yarn,
    off to check out your ravelry notes:0

  3. I HAVE FOLIAGE IN MY QUEUE! but, i was saving it for the flipside, when fall is turning to winter. maybe we can save time and just link our queues so i don't have to look for exactly the patterns you already found.

  4. Sounds good girlie. Send me your ravelry name. xo

  5. i think it's ahiggs?