Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies and their Bonnets

Apparently the stars were aligned in just the right way last fall when nearly everyone I know who could become pregnant did. And how exciting for me in my current state of knitting frenzy - so many little bodies to knit soakers, sweaters, booties and bonnets for. 

And knit many bonnets I did. I found Joelle Hoverson's pattern for a simple baby bonnet in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's a quick, cleverly constructed, seamless pattern. In an effort to do some spring cleaning I used yarn I had leftover in my stash, and unraveled a hat I had knit years ago that I never really liked (though I loved the yarn - see picture below). Some of these yarns have been sitting in my knitting basket for years, so their origins are mystery to me at this point. 

I envisioned knit flowers affixed to the sides of the bonnets, framing the precious pudgy faces of all the girl babies. And wouldn't you know it, every single baby due to be born (including one born last week) is a boy. Not a single girl. Hmm. Any ideas for boyish embellishments?

No doubt you'll be seeing more baby knits here as late spring approaches. And I'll be enjoying near-instant gratification knitting for the next while until all those little heads are toasty warm in wool.


  1. I love that pattern and have knitted one for my grand daughter. It's an ingenious construction isn't it.? For boys - not sure - a nice chunky wooden button maybe?

  2. The bonnets are gorgeous - I love the buttons too! I'll have to do some knitting soon for a bunch of friends' babies, it's such a joy!