Monday, April 4, 2011


I've been looking forward to Festifools for weeks, not just because it brings bigger-than-life-sized community fun, but also because it welcomes April and the sense that spring has truly arrived. Huge handmade puppets wielded by children young and old parade up and down Main Street commemorating April Fools Day and the general wackiness that spring inspires in us all. The grim 40 degree rain/snow/sleet weather forecast did not dampen the spirit of the parade or our tenacity to participate. We headed downtown dressed for the squall, reassuring ourselves that "this weather is hardly bad at all." Happily, the weather broke, keeping humans and puppets mostly dry through the parade.

Our Mayor Heiftje and his human sidekick

 I hope you're weekend included a bit of fun-spirited spring foolishness!


  1. So glad to see some pictures from Festifools. We wimped out and just drove home through the drizzle to our dry, warm home. I was worried that the puppets might melt all day, so I'm glad they dodged the downpour.

  2. I'm sorry you missed it! As I often find, inclement weather usually seems so much worse from inside the comforts of a warm home - once you're out in it it never seems as bad. Of course, if we were caught in a sleety downpour I may have felt differently. xo