Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wood Lake

It has been a busy, glorious end of the year for us - as I imagine it has been for you. Holidays, family visits, a certain girl turning 3 - I know we've all heard it countless times, but isn't it still shocking how fast it all flies by - and all that this time of year entails. We have been full. And while this is undoubtedly one of my most cherished and anticipated times of year, I admit there are moments when feeling overwhelmed by it all makes me wonder when it will conclude. 

Among the fullness and celebration we have also enjoyed Will's longest break from work since before Ava was born. We have settled into a nice family rhythm over this delicious retreat of ours. Even as Monday brings us back into our more normal routine, we know that the celebrations will continue. Our little boy stands taller each day reminding us that his days of babyhood will soon, too, be cherished memories. And as we begin this new year, we are aware that even our idea of normalcy will be challenged and shifted as we dig our heels deep into the search for our family home. Perhaps as I find my way back to my normal daily rhythm - and take my seat here in front of this screen more - I will post a round-up of the holiday whirlwind of making, visiting and baking. But today we just enjoy our final moments of family break together.

Today we just walked.

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