Monday, January 31, 2011

Chloe's Quilt

The house we're living in was built in 1916, and has witnessed a lot of change in our neighborhood. At one time it was the home of the first African American mayor of Ann Arbor. Other eras of its past are not so glamorous. For all its grand (and not so grand) history, this house has lots of character. But not, alas, good insulation. So Michigan winters in our abode are a little less than toasty. Thus we must all find ways to keep ourselves warm without driving up the heating bill.

When she was around 11 months old, Ava developed a sudden and strong attachment to her doll Chloe. Seeing her hug her doll for the first time was an awe-inspiring, heart melting moment. So while we were having late night discussions about whether Ava was warm enough at night it occurred to me that Chloe should have her own quilt to keep her warm. And just think how this would enhance our bedtime ritual - "See, Chloe is getting tucked into to bed now too. Time for sleep." Then there was the fact that I'd never done any quilting before - what better, more manageable way to start than to make a doll quilt?

So, may I introduce Chloe's quilt...

I followed a pattern from a doll quilt sew-along at Sew, Mama, Sew! and used Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme collection for the fabric. 

Those who know me well know that when I really get it in my head to do something, it must be accomplished right away! So when it came time to quilt my quilt sandwich - Never mind that I had never free-motion quilted before! No matter that I didn't have a walking foot! It was time to quilt - Now! Look closely and you'll no doubt see the imperfections, but Chloe doesn't seem to mind the evidence of my inexperience. 

Now we just need a bed to tuck Chloe into under her quilt. Dada, how's that doll bed coming?


  1. Wow, that is INCREDIBLE (especially for a first quilt). Great job! I love that wild thyme fabric. Especially the bright pink one. It's one of the few really really bright fabrics that I own.

  2. Oh my goodness - I LOVE this! I've made baby quilts before, but always tied them rather than quilting. I want to make a real *quilted* quilt for my son this year & I've been all kinds of anxious about the quilting part - also having never done it before & not possessing a walking foot. Seeing how lovely this turned out gives me a little more confidence that maybe I can do it too. :)

  3. Hello! This is such a sweet quilt. Lovely fabric choices. I remember when my daughter enjoyed her dolls - she has gotten big (10 years old) so quickly!