Monday, January 10, 2011

A Growing Angel

In the course of the last year or so since Ava was born, Grammy has turned into the most prolific knitter I know. Not only does the quantity of her creations amaze, but the skill and beauty of Grammy's sweaters are awe-inspiring as well.

One of her first sweaters was what we now refer to lovingly as 'the angel sweater' because so many people have commented how much Ava looks like an angel when wearing it (true she is angelic without the sweater, but it only augments the quality).

The pattern is simple, but with such a unique criss-cross closure. The yarn she used is soft beyond belief, with an aura of fluff that makes it look like Ava is wearing a cloud.

As happens all too quickly, Ava is growing out of the angel sweater, and I found myself wanting to make something she could grow into that would create a similar effect. I decided to work with Melissa LaBarre's Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi pattern and Classic Elite Yarns' Giselle.

A strange combo perhaps. I've never worked with a yarn like this and I'm half excited, half anxious to see how it turns out. I also opted for the chartreuse (actually called olive amber) colorway instead of my original intention to use off-white again (those who know me know I have a hard time resisting green of almost any shade). So she will be a chartreuse angel - those exist, right?

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