Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Walk

Coming home to Ann Arbor from sunny Colorado left us (me) feeling less hardy to the blanket of grey that is Michigan winter. We try to curl up inside with loved ones close by, a cup of tea, a bowl of soup, a warm wooly knitting project - anything to keep us warm and bright for these few months. It's right about now that I start dreaming about family vacations to Tulum (at which point I am quickly reminded by my *ahem* fiscally responsible husband that we will not be embarking on a vacation any time soon).

But every once in a while you wake up to a day like today - sun blazing orange on the horizon - and you know it's time to get your seasonal dose of vitamin D. Never mind that it's 14 degrees...

Swans curled up like marshmallows on the frozen Huron

Tracks on the river

Ava's face lit up when we passed the ducks bathing in the freezing river at the foot of the dam. Wasting no opportunity to practice one of her first words, she repeated "duh! duh!" while we watched them splash each other with their wings.

There's nothing like a sunny day and a good walk to warm your spirit and lift the winter doldrums. I wish you all a bright tomorrow.

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